15 April 2013

New York flood map is redrawn

Anti-grid” Space

Britain has invaded all but 22 countries In the world 

The Perverse Effect Of Street Art On Neighborhood Gentrification

Coxeter books list

How much you can capture in a second of video

Collage Collaboration;  http://merzbank.com/

Best DIY Spots (In Toronto)

Opening of McLuhan House in Edmonton

Outsider Artist; Danielle Jacqui

"The brain is not a problem solver, it's a solution finder." - @Tony_Buzan
"The idea doesn't have to be big. It just has to be yours. The sovereignty you have over your work will inspire far more people than the actual content ever will." - Hugh MacLeod
"An enterprise is a community of human beings, not a collection of 'human resources'." -  Henry Mintzberg
"Feeling grateful puts everyone on the fast track to more of everything wonderful." - TU
"Life becomes easier when you stop thinking of yourself as this thing, this object, this singularity, and start thinking of yourself as a conduit (Just remember that you don’t own this life, you just pass it along)." - GV

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