03 May 2013

(Map) http://janeswalk.net/index.php/walks/canada/toronto/

First-ever Web site is brought back to life


Storytelling the Stillmotion Way

(Discussion) Digital painting is an oxymoron?

Luminato 2013 Lineup (schedule)


Quantified Self

We Are What We Quote

Our Gun Love Is Killing Our Kids

"Apple analysts have this self-inscribed duty to tell Apple how to run its business, and if Apple doesn't listen the analysts make it their duty to punish the iMaker with unfavorable words." - Via
"There's never enough time to do all the nothing you want." - Calvin
"I view creativity as the ability to take existing ideas, to merge them together in a new way." - Joseph Wu tmblr.co/ZprTjxj_5mGO
"Life's too short to tolerate a shopping cart with a wobbly wheel." - R.B. Wild
"Not every swing of the pick axe turns up riches -- even in a gold mine." - Chris Pirillo

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