09 May 2013


Furniture modeled after maps of cities

Adobe’s (Creative Suite is dead) Creative Cloud SaaS

Memoto camera takes a picture automatically every 30 seconds (120 pictures an hour or 2,880 a day)

How to Influence People with Your Ideas

Toronto Animated Image Society


(WTC-7 et el) Two Hit, Three Down

(Video) Joseph Wu, Origami

Mr. Brainwash’s Brain-dead Copyright Defense

"On the praries you can see the sky without looking up." - R.B. Wild
"The main reason someone moves mountains, wins friends, influences people, amasses a fortune, or anything else, is because they thought they would. (You can do this.)" - The Universe
"Hilaritate bonum excogitatio (Good humour; good invention)." - Kjerkius GenniusRoman philosopher (36 BC) 
"Genius is nothing more nor less than childhood recovered at will." - Charles Baudelaire
"Doodle and watch what happens." - Rudolphe Topffer

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