29 April 2010

Tips for Designing Infographics

Bible Cross References Visualization

(Examples) Tessellations - triangular grid

($49) Autodesk AutoCad Freestyle

Fair Use Contributes Trillions to U.S. Economy

(Definition) "spime" : n. A theoretical object that can be tracked precisely in space and time over the lifetime of the object. [Blend of space and time.]

Literary Quotes

(Example) Comprehensive Artist CV

Banning Street Hockey Endangers our Children's Healthy Development

"Dare not wish to change even the slightest thing about a loved one, without first understanding how it might change the rest of them." - The Universe
“I don’t often wait around to see how people react to my work. I prefer just to leave and not to see what happens to it." - Slinkachu
"Getting the answer wrong is a great way to learn." - Via
"Perhaps if experimental artists tried harder, all their work would be crazy." - Mark Changizi
"Science can assist us in becoming more skillful choosers, but at its core, choice remains an art." - Sheena Iyengar, psychologist

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