14 April 2010

More than 14.000 domains on a Google Map clustered by geocubes

(In development) iMindMap for iPad

(TED talk) "We are the stories we tell ourselves"

I’m a Pattern, You’re a Pattern, (Wouldn’t You Like to be a Pattern Too?)

(Screen capture tool for Firefox) Screengrab! : http://www.screengrab.org/ (extension that makes it easy to save a web-page as an image)

(Twitter) #ilovequotes : #ihatequotes


(Ex-)Globe and Mail art critic Gary Michael Dault is known for his art reviews—not his art.

Still here : http://cominganarchy.com/links/#recentdiscussion (and occasionally found)

"Joining a Facebook group about creative productivity is like buying a chair about jogging." - Dave Ferguson (on "43 Folders")
"When we saw it all on the map, it was like a light came on." - Jim Parker
"Invariably, when big dreams come true, there is a total metamorphosis of one's life...(would you have guessed that these changes, invariably, come before, not after, their dream's manifestation?) - The Universe
"Oh, I prefer bohemianism… succes is for the loosers. :)" - Comment by Mateus
"The frontier, the borderland between what is known and what is unknown, the settled and the wild, the mapped and the unexplored, is as central to science fiction as it is to the mythology of the American West." - http://www.sfra.org/

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