13 April 2010

Indiemapper : to make thematic maps from digital data ( including unlimited online storage for your data and maps).

Cognitive Mapping (Definitions, Examples, and Resources)

(Large map) 800,000 published papers grouped into 776 scientific paradigms

First GigaPan 'snap-shot' (was taken by)

Expert Photoshop : http://photoshopninja.com/ tips and tricks for designers and photographers (since 2005)

Enter the matrix: the deep law that shapes our reality

Maps on the back of detective novels Via

A Journey Through the Occupied Territories

"Everything starts somewhere." - Terry Pratchett Via mindmapdrawer
"It is often the easiest move that completes the game." - Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton
"For simply giving thanks when you lay down to sleep each night (or from time to time for no reason or rhyme), you'll begin to move with life instead of against it." - TU
"We can best express our care for all others by attending to our work well." - Philip Brooks
"Some artists and scientists share similar goals in that their vocations compel them to seek, and give voice to, order and pattern in the universe about them. Indeed, in the Rennaissance, the artist and scientist were often the same person." - Antony John

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