11 January 2010

Voyage Turns Your Firefox History into a Visual Map

Writing for Visual Thinkers

(Zoom Video) The Known Universe

Professor rails against depictions of 'unnatural' snowflakes that lack hexagonal symmetry

Online Stereogram Generator 2 Via

(Video) Technology Decade Recap in 3 minutes


(Exhibit) Ayahuasca Visions" Sacred Art From the Amazon( by (Pablo Amaringo)

Demotivational Poster (Maker)

(Definition) "remarque" (or 'artist's mark') is a small, personalized drawing, thumb print or symbol that an artist adds to a print. Originally, remarques were made, in pencil by the artist approving the quality of the print and identifying the various stages of the printing process.
A remarque, usually an original pencil drawing is a 'value- added' option for print collectors, in effect making an original out of a reproduction (increasing the print's value). Via

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be." - Lao Tzu Via
"Given an equal amount of intelligence, timidity will cause a thousand times more problems than audacity." - Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831)
"I could drive to Fort Lauderdale without a map, but it's easier if I have one." - Clay Shaw
"Maps are like finger prints: they reveal as much about the artist who created them as they do about the geography of the places they describe." - R.B.Wild (after Vincent Virga)
"There is no there there." - Gertrude Stein

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