21 January 2010

Subsumption Theory (David Ausubel) proposes that learning involves the linking of new information to relevant points in the learner’s existing cognitive structure. Via

( Timeline) Pink Floyd (Band Members)

Visual Editors

The Human Feed: How People Filter Signal From Noise

The 'seven deadly sins' of e-learning


The longest straight line that traverses America

Science Art Nomadic Academy

Best New Art Galleries in Toronto

[Pic] City made of staples

"...while credit often goes to the loudest self-promoters, invention is most often the result of a collection of related work in a community of practitioners." - Priya Ganapati (Wired, December 18, 2009 Via)
"I'd rather it took over me than I took over it." - Myfanwy Pavelic, Canadian portraitist
"There is only one valuable thing in art: it's the thing you cannot explain." -Braque
"Sometimes success is better measured in smiles received, giggles heard, and hands held, than in dollars earned, deadlines met, and kilos shed." - TU
"After more and more blind activity, one gets a highly engineered complex structure that *does* amazing stuff." - Via

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