12 January 2010

Trend map for 2010" (and out to 2050)

The Neuroscience of Screwing Up : (... the mechanics of discovery, diversity and valuing outsiders)


(Video) Copyright versus Universal Access to All Human Knowledge (low cost collaboration leads to weirder, more interesting, and more inspiring things than anything else we know today)

(Interview) Manuel Lima of Visual Complexity

"data vis & sim" Art

The Seduction of the Brain Picture

The Seven Ancient Wonders of the World

(Definition) "art brut" : outsider art (the most popular term), folk art, naive art, visionary art, (and occasionally, 'Sunday painting').

35 Ways Behavior Can Change : http://behaviorgrid.org/

"He who is outside his door has the hardest part of his journey behind him." - Dutch Proverb
"We have nothing to be disappointed about. We put Foggy Bottom on the map." - Danilo Pinnock
"Truth be told, it takes so very, very little to be happy." - TU
"Dreamers of dreams may be pathfinders; but they may be mere vagrants. Of those who depart from the pavements, only a few are explorers: the rest are mere jaywalkers." - Gilbert Ryle
"Writing about art is like dancing about architecture." - R.B. Wild (after Old Saw)

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