27 January 2010

Conference) Artech 2010 “Envisioning Digital Spaces”

Information Architecture and Data Visualization Resources

Books on visual thinking

Bizzare Mapping Contest

Cognitive load theory

Santa Fe Institute : is a transdisciplinary research community that is expanding the boundaries of scientific understanding


On the increasing role of agents

Canadian Art New Contemporaries promotes and creates access to vibrant visual art.

Curious (Ebay) art pricing strategy

"Character is a bundle of habits, tendencies and interests, loosely bound together and dependent on circumstance and context." - Malcolm Gladwell
"You should know the theory, so that when you do break the rules, it is for a reason, not because you didn’t know better." - Warrior
"It had only one fault. It was kind of lousy." - James Thurber
"If given just one wish for the New Year (knowing you could wish for anything at all, and that whatever you wished for was GUARANTEED to come true), would you wish for all things to be EXACTLY as they are? Me too." - The Universe
"A good map is equivalent to a good book." - R.B. Wild (after Van Gogh)

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