03 September 2009

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Mapping future water stress Via

The Curse of Knowledge ( The More You Know, the Worse You Become At Communicating That Knowledge) Via

Puzzle and Game Maps

The Cartographer’s Lament (by Kevin Connolly) On the solitary vocation of map-making (From drift, published by Anansi in 2006.)

Map Projector Device

(Video) How the cover of a magazine is created

First? intelligent comment on Hirst Show

(Video) Fail: Using your head

"My next conference presentation stands a very good chance of being inspirational vision or insane ramblings. Its a fine line." - osbornec
"Stopping Construction, Building Peace." - Edgar M. Bronfman
"Have no fear of perfection, because you’ll never reach it." - Salvador Dali
"Even the best ideas can be worthless without passion." - Mike Moritz, Sequoia Capital and Paul Graham, Y Combinator Via
"I could look, admire and be involved with that piece of art for some considerable time and see more each moment." - LJMatthews2

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