24 September 2009

Interactive Multi-Perspective Views of Virtual 3D Models Via

Novel way of telling a story using Google Maps (via @stickylearning)

Arctic geological map
in final stages

21 beautiful infographic videos

(Visualization) Interactive Comments from Digg.Com


Dealing with Attention and Information Issues

Brain Activity Differs For Creative And Noncreative Thinkers

Lucid Dreaming FAQ (How To)

Firsts In Internet History

"Do your best, and then let nature do the rest." - Robin Sharma (Via #quote #robinsharma )
"... you don't hoist your sails to move the boat, but to put yourself within reach of the wind." - TU
“Swipe from the best, then adapt.” - Tom Peters
"Geography was often destiny in Canada's first 100 years - but now demography is king." - Peter MacLeod (at #TEDxTO)
"The minutes are more important than the years." - Paramahansa Yogananda (mindmapdrawerRT @ViriamKaur)

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