11 July 2012

Using Magnetic Variation for Indoor Mapping

The Higgs Boson: Why You Should Care About the God Particle (And, Sadly, Why You Don't)


Math Anxiety? Scientists Have It Too

Superstars of American street art:
- Kenny Scharf came up in the East Village art scene in the 1980's and covered the walls at last year's amazing "Art in the Streets" show in L.A
- Ron English hacks popular brand images (think "Super Size Me" posters and 2008's groovy "Abraham Obama"), and favors billboards
- Shepard Fairey
- Robbie Conal is the genre's outlaw godfather — a whip-smart, wisecracking political satirist who's been wheat-pasting posters of white-collar bad guys (remember CONTRA DICTION and Cheney as the Energizer bunny?)

Making Lenticular Images from Your Photos

A Brief History of Rock N’ Roll (In 100 Riffs)

Why Boredom Is Good for Your Creativity

"He had a photographic memory which was never developed." - LexiPhile
"Herewith, some paintings that verge into kooky territory. That is to say, it’s hard to know exactly what they’re trying to say but the effort bears paying attention to: ... "maps" featuring cubes, chains and various geometric structures by Ron Wild." - http://www.dilettantesdiary.com/id208.html
"It's not the steps that matter but the path. And the path will take care of itself when you keep focused on your destination." - The Universe
"In the attempt to make scientific discoveries, every problem is an opportunity;  and the more difficult the problem, the greater will be the importance of its solution." - E.O. Wilson (Advice to young scientists)
"Idle dreaming is often of the essence of what we do." - Thomas Pynchon

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