16 July 2012

Gotham City In 3D (Or Traditional) Online Map Form

3D printing will change our world

The Best Google Features You’re Probably Not Using

Why Is Artspeak So Full Of Hype? (Does Anyone Believe It?)

(Qualcomm shipped a new) contextual awareness platform for cell phones.

(Sample) art time-lapse video

The 'Before I Die' project

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"What do people mean when they say the computer went down on me?" - Marilyn Pittman
"It's not my art, but my mind that's on display." - R.B. Wild (after Gary Holland)
"The doorstep to the temple of wisdom is the knowledge of our own ignorance." - Benjamin Franklin, 1706-1790 (American Statesman, Inventor, Scientist)

"One of life's most elusive lessons is that there's nothing, ever, to be unhappy about (unless, of course, you lose sight of the big picture, think the illusions are real, or forget there's no such place as far away)." - The Universe
"God is in the details." - Ludwig Mies van der Roh

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