18 July 2012

121 Megapixel Earth

(The Magic Sierpinski Triangle) Order dependent on randomness

Visual Search for Supporting Content Exploration in Large Document Collections

(Example) Projection Mapping (The building deformations and figures were controlled by the audience, using a microphone and an audio analysis algorythm.)

If You Win An Arts Award In Canada, No One Cares. Why?

Animated GIFs

Making Old-Fashioned Lenticular Images from Your Photos

Referenced at :  http://mrwilliamsmaths.wordpress.com/2010/02/08/great-map-fibonacci-zoom/

"If only you do not try to utter what is unutterable then nothing gets lost. And the unutterable will be contained in what has been uttered." - Wittgenstein (remarked about language)
"The best opportunities appear when we are least prepared for them." - R.B. Wild
"I consider it one of the highest honors in the land to be 'Simpsonized.' To me it's the American equivalent of being knighted by the Queen of England.” - Robbie Conal
"The older the soul, the softer the glance, the quicker the smile and the sooner to say 'I love you'. Utterly fearless," - The Universe
"The very asking of the question, 'what causes stuff to have mass?', has more profound implications for understanding reality than when Isaac Newton first noticed that gravity was a thing." - Via

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