25 April 2012

Visual Representation

Palestine-Israel Map 2011
Typogami: A Free Animated Typeface Inspired By Origami



[Paperback] Do Less, Achieve More: Discover the Hidden Powers Giving In

(Artist) Niall McClelland : on the process and progress of his photocopy tapestries

Why Facebook is a Long-Term Loser

"Universal Rule on Decision Making... Don't make them until it's time to make them (unless you already know what you want, in which case, however, there is no decision to be made). - The Universe
"Be absurdly happy, completely fearless, and in constant trouble." F.R. Maltby
"...and I thought they were here for me, and they were." - Caine Monroy   Via
"Preparation does not take away any of the enthusiasm of the final painting. In fact, the preliminaries in color and tonal studies free up the artist for an unbridled yet focused trip to the finish." - Harley Brown
"Go beyond language. Go beyond thought." - Bodhidharma

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