20 April 2012

A Picture of Language

Marauder's Map


Technical Maze Terms

(Writer/artist)  Wyndham Lewis (Influencer of McLuhan)

Graffiti artists

(Video) : truly electric rendition of "Sweet Home Alabama

"Everything is optional, and every option holds a promise, and in every promise there's a plan for the 'best of your life'. So, whatever you chose, or may yet choose, celebrate it. Even not choosing, is choosing, and this too deserves celebrating." - TU
"It's not in the pursuit of happiness that we find fulfillment, it's in the happiness of pursuit." - Denis Waitley
"Whether a series of exploratory roughs, comps, a-painting-a-day, or thumbnails before a more ambitious project, sketches pave the way to professionalism." - Robert Genn
"Don't always do everything perfectly (leave room for happy accidents)." - R.B. Wild
"But art, the new, the ability to connect the dots and to make an impact--sooner or later, that can only come from one who creates, not from a teacher and not from a book." - Seth Godin

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