18 April 2012

Submarine Cable Map

Cartographers Talk Maps In A Digital Age

McLuhan Program In Culture and Technology

(Book Review) "Physics on the Fringe: Smoke Rings, Circlons, and Alternative Theories of Everything"

Dada and Photomontage

Making Difficult Mazes

The concentration of wealth and american decline

"I’m an associational thinker. I’m interested in the way things layer and filter." - Lewis Klahr, The Pettifogger Via
"When we have lived long enough, watched ourselves carefully enough, and learned from our mistakes, eventually we stop panicking and chasing after every "good" opportunity." - Chin-Ning Chu in "Do Less, Achieve More"
"... taking action is absolutely critical, because more than anything else, it creates expectation." - The Universe
"If you're in a race, race now, because early leads and early gains compound..." - Seth Godin
"...artists who struggle on their own generally do best." - Robert Genn

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