04 April 2012

(Interactive map) Noise complaints in New York City  Via

10 Places You’re Not Allowed to See on Google Maps

Fibonacci Series Tiling with Triangles


Stereographic GIFs — two static images are combined to create the illusion of motion and depth (like a Magic Eye).

How Coldcalling Deadmau5 On Twitter Earned One Artist His Big Break

Copyright troll smacked down again

"A new medium often enhances the subtler proprieties of old ones which one has so far neglected because of a standardized use. McLuhan called this paradox "the rear-view mirror effect." - Elena Lamberti (The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (2010:xli
"Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working." - Picasso
"He who would travel happily must travel light." - Antoine de Saint-Exupery
"... consider taking the path less traveled, going within, and getting quiet. Being yourself, shining your light, and reaching out to others (not that they might be an alternative to living high on the hog, in the fast lane, loaded down with embarrassing wealth... but as a means to attaining these things)." - The Universe
"If you can avoid being discouraged by poverty, isolation, and obscurity, you will find an unshakable devotion that will last your entire life, and rewards will come in slow and subtle ways." - Deng Ming-Dao

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