13 August 2010

'Watch anywhere' plan for digital content

TELUS IAEP Spring 2010 Prototypes

GE and partners have committed to invest $200 million to ideas that power the grid .

Avant-Garde Science: Toward Unconstrained Scientific Craziness

6-hypercube (hexeract) graph

Fractal Drum

(Sound) Loud Breaking Glass

C-prints fade into the light (An experimental process of the early 1990s is proving unstable)

Different elephant for blind men

"See their good. See nothing else." - The Universe
"When you live on the praries, you don't know where the edge is." - R.B. Wild
"Writers might blaze the trails, but editors maintain the roads." - Via
"Artists who put in regular working hours find their voice. Work itself generates clarity and direction. It's like invention--one thing leads to another." - Robert Genn
"Conclusions arrived at through reasoning have very little or no influence in altering the course of our lives." - Carlos Casteneda

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