19 August 2010

Mapping Science with Places & Spaces

Findability needs a continuous-improvement approach

Why Mind Maps Are the Ultimate Creative Tool

Can Science Be Justified?

New Media Revolution

A "grid of streets" on the seabed at one of the proposed locations of the lost city of Atlantis has been spotted on Google Ocean.

Rebellion against the strictures imposed by the reigning academic-government-corporate research complex.

Why artists must be rivals

Steven Shearer to represent Canada at the 2011 Venice Biennale Via

"I have met alot of Zen Masters- all of them cats." - Eckart Tolle
"All experience is an arch to build on." - Henry Brooks Adams
"Everything is easy when you live in a dream world. As long as you know that you're dreaming (You do and you can)." - The Universe
"Angels, demons, fairies, creatures from heaven, hell, or Magonia: they inspire our strangest dreams, shape our destinies, steal our desires." - Jacques VallĂ©e, “Passport to Magonia” Via
"Don't fear winking, blinking, teasing, humming humour." - Via

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