24 August 2010

Getting artists on the map

(App Example) How to Find Lobster on Your iPhone

(Interactive mind-map) http://conciselearning.com/

(Internet Archive's collection of) public domain animation and cartoons

(Video) The Making of MaRS (Dr. John Evans tribute)

Secrets of Art Appreciation (head, heart, gut)

(SL Discussion) Art/Sci Collaboration Shows


(Video) Extreme Painting

"To succeed in life, you need two things: ignorance and confidence." - Mark Twain
"I'm not mapping for other artists." - R.B. Wild (after Nat King Cole)
"Origami May Be an Art, but Nature Got There First." - Via
"You can choose to go, do, be, and have, and in the end you'll exclaim, shocked and bewildered, that because of all the synchronicities of your life, all the "clicks" and "coincidences," and the many happy "accidents," your bounty and good fortune must have been your destiny." - TU
"An artist is no bigger than the size of his mind." - Jack Shadbolt, 1909-1998

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