25 May 2010

LBS 2.0: Don’t Just Map It, Manipulate It

Ed Parsons dislikes cartographers, “more than anyone in the world”

(Interviewed for) Exploring methodologies for non-linear story development

Ontario Labyrinth Locator (Example)

The Culture of Sharing (Why Releasing Copyright Will Be the Smartest Thing You Do)

Digital art

San Fran galleries

(Forth-coming book) "I Wonder"

(Online) Enlargements & Poster Printing

"It's the persistence and determination of the seemingly mortal dreamer who steadfastly holds a new thought in mind, either of the creation or of its inevitable success, and moves with it, even while the rest of the world is content dreaming their father's dreams. This is what is admired..." - TU
"A lot of prior visualization and painterly goal-setting are not always good for our art." - Robert Genn
"If I wasn’t falling at least once a day in training, I wasn’t trying hard enough." - Via
"To choose your path, you must start to walk it." - The Sage (from The Laws of Spirit: By Dan Millman)
"A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths." - Steven Wright

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