17 May 2010

Google to map the oceans

The Stages of Creating a Cartoon Map

The Presence of Lone Inventors ( the source of more failures as well as more breakthroughs)

(Illustrated presentation) Visualizing "Drive" by Dan Pink

(Symposium) http://www.meshu.ca/

5-sided Book

Motivated Multitasking

The number eight m8

(TED Video) The Future of Philanthropy

"Trust yourself (you know)." - The Universe
"When gossip grows old it becomes myth." - Stanislaw Lec, Polish writer
"Every team needs a deviant, someone who can help the team by challenging the tendency to want too much homogeneity, which can stifle creativity and learning. Deviants are the ones who stand back and say, 'Well, wait a minute, why are we even doing this at all? What if we looked at the thing backwards or turned it inside out?'" - Via
"If you don't admit many-worlds, there is no way to have a coherent picture." - Vaidman
"A confused mind always says 'no'." - diamondsf

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