19 May 2010

Geo-located Photographs

(Definition) "Ludic interfaces" : are playful interfaces, taking the best from computer games, artistic experiments, interactive media, social networks and modding cultures

(Introduction to) "Whose Map is it?" (new mapping by artists)


The Death of Modern Conferences

SR&ED ("complicated, costly, unpredictable, and disconnected program") Update and Observations (the program seems to have strayed back to the CRA’s traditions and focus on compliance instead of on the effective delivery of an incentive program)

Geometric Sculptor

Making Lenticular Images from Photos

(Remix Artist) Girl Talk

List of Renaissance men

"It doesn't have to be hard, or take a lot of time." - TU
"Nature is the Art of God." - Sir Thomas Browne
"You can't hire someone else to do your push-ups for you." - Via @J_Canfield
"Modern computer technology has brought multimedia to the limelight as a new communication form (quite possibly the first original communication form of the computer age)." - Via
"To Change Effectively, Change Just One Thing." - HarvardBiz

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