11 May 2010

Crisis Mapping: Advancing Conflict Research with Location Intelligence

Year of InfoVis Theory

International Forum of Visual Practitioners (ifvp.org)

(Tutorial) Tilt-shift technique compresses the visual field in such a way that the subjects become hyper-realized; you feel like you're staring at a photo of a tiny, precise, slightly-too-perfect model of the real thing.

(Common Problem) 'If you can no longer find what you posted here... '

(Statistical Analysis) TEDTalks

'Cartographic' Art

(Definition) 'Iconocentrism' :the belief or attitude that images (or icons) are or should be the central element in the universe.

(Poem)"The Sons of Martha" by Rudyard Kipling

"You can have it all. In fact, it's all already yours." - TU
"Fools [Jesters] have a license to say what other people would be hanged for, ... and to generally provide balance to the kingdom by breaking the rules and thereby allowing an outlet for forbidden insights, behaviors, and feelings." - Via
"Scientific discoveries are like orgasms: there are no bad ones!" - Björn Brembs
"Twitter gives the illusion of power, because very few of your 'followers' are reading most of your tweets." - pickover
"Intuition will tell the thinking mind where to look next." - Jonas Salk

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