03 March 2010

TED Talks Mindmapped

(Maps) Muslims / Jews / Church Bodies Via

Creating The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus Via

The Myth of DPI Via

(Book) The Geek Atlas

(Video) Trust Yourself When No One Else Does


(Definition) 'Pochemuchka' (Russian) : a person who asks a lot of questions Via

What's yer pirate name?

Picked up (in India) 'Reliance' theme

"Berlin is here to mix everything with everything." - Airen
"Making a distinction between professional and amateur in science is artificial: what matters is the 'what' of science not the 'who'. And amateurs have by their very nature something that professionals don't need to have: passion. Without the comfort of a tenured position, a subsidized bed in an ivory tower, or a well funded laboratory, the only thing keeping amateurs going is a love for their subject." - Daniel Mietchen Via
"Calling all. This is our last cry before our eternal silence." - French Navy, final Morse code message (1997)
"Sometimes you have to move away, to get closer." - TU
"All those who believe in telekinesis please raise my left hand." - Anonymous

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