26 March 2010

Google App Engine

Computers are dumb – make smarter e-Learning

Left vs Right concept map

View Paris (in 26 Gigapixels)

Infographic : California vs The World


Stone Age Jottings Via

18 Stages I went through to go from a business man to an artist

Why We Dream

Drums of the Ancestors Via

"Today, when I told my 8 year old son that all of our dreams are within reach as long as we follow our heart and take action, he asked me if it was always my dream to be a waitress." - MMT
"Those who love us may well push us when we're ready to fly." - Guillaume Apollinaire, French poet & critic, 1880-1918
"The universe (which others call the Library) is composed of an indefinite number, perhaps infinite, hexagonal galleries, with vast central air shaft lined by very low railings." - Jorge Luis Borges Via
"No matter where you travel, you will see mostly sky and clouds." - R.B. Wild
"(I've often thought how great it is to be part of the first generation of humans for which the world will be a radically different place toward the end of our life than toward the beginning.) The time-scale for change has suddenly become short compared to a human lifespan, which makes it an interesting (and in some ways fearful) time to live." - Dr. Clint Sprott Via

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