22 March 2010

(Manifesto) The Future of Attention

Visual Computing Demo: TickerTape

20-20 Digital Hindsight

(Free antivirus) Avira AntiVir and SuperAntiSpySoftware

NanoArt exhibitions

Google Doodler (Sketch artist) achieves cult status

(Definition)"rackets": blind spots, self-fulfilling games, or internalized stories we keep repeating to avoid certain outcomes.

"Reliance"-related? pictures ('Business Plan and Progress ...')

(Music Video) "Let it go"

Ayahuasca Shaman Ceremony

"So many things worth wondering about, so few people actually taking the time to do it. Wondering around is the act of inquiring with generous spirit." - http://sethgodin.typepad.com/
"Alas, I've always been more a fan of phi." - Via
"I just want to be an artist, who serves..." - Via
"A metaphor provides a way of seeing how what we don’t understand is like something we do understand." - Anthony Robbins, Awaken The Giant Within
"What artists do is not a hobby, but professional research and development." - Via

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