18 March 2010

(Google) Bike Directions

A Nested Model for Visualization Design and Validation (Tamara Munzner)

Computer learning makes your brain ‘redder’

(Infographic) DreamCatcher

What are search suggestions and Accelerator previews?

Bigger is better (Paula Scher’s D&AD talk)

(Product Overview) EchoSign Web

(Virus) Torpig Botnet

Simon Singh: goodbye

Monty Python - Art Gallery

"You don’t get to control any outcome, only every choice you make along the way." - Stephen Paul
"A map never has a 'visual entry point'." - R.B. Wild
"Peace-loving Muslims will become our enemy if they don't speak up, because they will awaken one day and find that the fanatics own them (and the end of their world will have begun)." - Dr. Emanuel Tanya, psychiatrist
"Far better to understand how you can augment the message, rather than aiming for perfect clarity." - Via
"Things couldn't be any better than they now are. You couldn't have more reasons to celebrate. Now! Do it! The hardest work is done! Just show up, be present, open every door and let events unfold. Life is your stage. This is your parade." - TU

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