01 February 2010

PearlTrees : A Novel Approach To Human Mapping Of The Internet

(International Conference on) the Theory and Application of Diagrams

The Hyperbolic (Geometry) chamber

Most Popular Infographics of 2009

http://www.sayitvisually.com/ Via

http://www.shapecollage.com/ : use photos on your computer or from the web to make collages

The challenge of creating a new category

(Manipulative) BuckyBalls (216 powerful magnets)

Mondrian Cake

Another WallArt Project (Paula Levine)

"To linger in the observation of things, other than the self, implies a profound conviction of their worth." - Charles-Damian Boulogne
"Even while some things can't be undone, you can ALWAYS start anew." - TU
"Words are only postage stamps delivering the object for you to unwrap." - George Bernard Shaw
"Painting is a matter of cooperating with the needs of the painting." - Robert Genn
"We always know more than we can say, and we will always say more than we can write down." - Rendering knowledge

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