02 February 2010

The Beauty of Infographics and Data Visualization

The Great (Photo) Megapixel Swindle (Proof)

How Conceptual Metaphors are Stunting Web Innovation

(Google Maps) MarkerIcon Options Wizard

Evidence for grid cells in a human memory network

The Impact of Picasso (and His Circle in Paris)

Nuite Blanche idea (?) Projection on Buildings

(Patron) Ydessa Hendeles Foundation

(Definition) Eightfold Path : right speech, right action, right livelihood, right concentration, right mindfulness, right effort, right understanding and right thought.

See ‘Wild Things’ Only if You Were Once a Kid

"Nothing beats the drama of a bullhorn." - Tom Waits
"The BIG THING rarely happens when you ask for it, nor does it typically come from who or where you expect. It usually comes a bit later, from someone you didn't even know when you first asked, as a result of some weird turn of events that were impossible to foresee." - TU
"Design is now too important to be left to designers." - Tim Brown, IDEO
"But what can the geopolitical lens reveal, when it’s a matter of artistic invention?" - Holmes, 2008a Via
"The pedal is ‘the soul of the piano’." - Anton Rubinstein (the composer and founder of Russian pianism)

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