23 April 2009

Why Map? The Techno-epistemological outlook (by Richard Rogers)

Using the Second Life Grid at http://secondlifegrid.net/

(Two Levels of) Critique Against Maps

NHL Map Via http://billsportsmaps.com/

A Road Map For Time Travel

Africa's oldest map

(Forthcoming book) Ludic Cartography. Mapping GameSpaces

Tiny Bits of Art

Elvis Costello, I Want You to have one of these. SlideShow

(Definition) Chindōgu (珍道具 ?) is the Japanese art of inventing ingenious everyday gadgets that, on the face of it, seem like an ideal solution to a particular problem. However...

"But the past is the biggest country of all..." - Susan Sontag, On America
"I do not intend to spare myself, not to avoid emotions or difficulties. I don't care much whether I live a longer or shorter time... The world concerns me only in so far as I feel a certain debt toward it, because I have walked on this earth for thirty years, and out of gratitude I want to leave some souvenir." Vincent van Gogh
"To be creative, you do a lot of lateral thinking, your brain making connections between things that ordinarily don't go together." - Darla
"Keep your 'end results' general. Everything else is just a 'how'." - The Universe
"Who is the king of the U.K.? - R.B.Wild

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