28 April 2009

Notes from travelling in the visualization world

An Idea Map (of the Idea Mapping Book)


(Infographic) resembling a board game but in reality is a timeline. The same has been said about this map.

An Atlas of Radical Cartography includes politically engaged maps and texts from within the growing movement of cultural producers who have parallel or integrated activist practices.

Essays on Mathematical Topics

Victoria Vesna is a media artist whose work can be defined as 'experimental creative research that resides between disciplines and technologies'.

The Virtues of Being Unsettled

Tom Waits "Going Out West"

Highest profile reference yet (?)

"The information in any real situation is infinitely rich. There is more to see than anyone sees and more to know than anyone knows." - Ulrich Neisser, Psychologist, Cognition and Reality 1976 Via
"When we conquer without danger our triumph is without glory. " - Pierre Corneille, Le Cid (1637)French dramatist (1606 - 1684)
"I saw a man upon the stair, A little man who wasn't there. He wasn't there again today; Gee, I wish he'd go away." - Old folk-rhyme
"A formal education often gives artists a sense of entitlement that may hamper their access to or interest in the commercial gallery system." - Robert Genn

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