13 April 2009

Research and Development Agenda for Visual Analytics (Nine-minute movie)

(Mash-up) PadMapper - Map-Based Craigslist Apartment Search


(Infographic video) Little Red Riding Hood

Altea Gallery
: specialist dealer in Antique Maps, Sea Charts, Town Plans, Atlases, & Antique Globes (We do not sell reproductions, all our maps are at least 100 years old).

Brain's Amazing Right Side

(Example) scientific artist's statement

Map artist

(Definition) 'wabi-sabi' ; all things expose their true beauty once they have succumbed to time and the elements.

Another typical Flickr 'Contact' (?) add (rarely reciprocated)

"Never underestimate, how many friends you have, how close you are, and how much fun you're going to have (because one usually gets exactly what they've been estimating)." - The Universe
"Always Lead ... Never Follow" - adage
"The key to successfully keeping treasure out of the hands of those other pirates is to pretend you know nothing." - Alison Whittington
"There must be an awakening to the crisis, followed by action." - W Edwards Deming
"It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." - Paulo Coelho

1 comment:

Robyn McMaster said...

This is a phenomenal mind map. Must admit I dug into the right side of my brain to play around a bit as I explored. It was like coming to my kindergarten sandbox. Too bad we can't dig into all projects like that.

What really stymies my curiosity is how you ever put this together with the technology. That's often where I take a beating.

My best wishes as you expand this project!