02 October 2008

Can Second Life Be Used As a Reliable Corporate Training Tool?

Neo-geography in the classroom

Caert-Thresoor : Journal for the history of cartography (in the Netherlands)

(Alaska) Natural River Art

Mindmaps Directory


7th Information Design Symposium : http://www.idsymposium.de/2008

Make a Customized Silhouette T-Shirt

Quotations about Self-Discovery

KandinskyBorderCollie (potrait?) --------->>>>>>>>>

"Artists have a long history of incorporating multiple perspectives in paintings to create better depictions." - Michael Kubovy, 'The psychology of perspective and renaissance art', Cambridge University Press, 1986.
"What people think of as the moment of discovery is really the discovery of the question." - Jonas Salk
"Once again taking action saves the day. " - TU
"... so to map it out you must look inside..." - Jay-Z
"Nichi nichi kore konichi (every day is a good day.)" - John Cage

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