16 September 2005

Interesting "Look Closer" zoom approach : http://www.americancenturies.mass.edu/collection/viewer.jsp?itemid=5721&client=images/L98_017&image=L98_017.sid&img=0

Diagrams 2006 (http://www.diagrams-conference.org/cfp) will inaugurate a new feature: the collection of a corpus of diagrams from researchers in the field. This corpus willcontain diagrams of interest which are annotated in terms of their communicative content, aesthetic or design features, features of the underlying representational system, subject domain of origin, etc.

Recently stolen (since recovered) map : http://www.library.upenn.edu/exhibits/rbm/kislak/lands/nfmap.html

Map artist kanarinka (http://rhizome.org/member.rhiz?user_id=1005802 and http://turbulence.org/studios/kanarinka/) claims artists working with maps have an "ethics of experimentation" that is "anything but arbitrary." "...artists experiment with a particular territory in specific ways to reach unforseen destinations." (kanarinka, 2006). The diverse work of map artists nearlyalways seeks to be evocative, challenging, make us see and think aboutsomething differently, or undermine assumptions. Quotes from "Art & Mapping" Special Issue of 'Cartographic Perspectives' (Winter 2006)http://makingmaps.owu.edu/postcartdesign.html

The International Database of Corporate Commands :

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