13 September 2005

"Cartography is a tradition that blends detail with generalization, science with art, and if successful, conveys both meaning and message." - http://www.cartographic.net/about.html Maps for print, advertisements, brochures, and books - Location maps for the Internet - Business maps for presentations or locational analysis - Custom maps for litigation - 3-dimensional geographical visualizations and scientific graphics - Interactive and animated maps - Virtural tours including panoramas, interactive images, and maps - Map designs for PC, handheld, and platform games - GIS interfaces for both the Internet and Intranets.

Great article on the history of the Syntopicon : http://www.writing.upenn.edu/~afilreis/50s/macdonald-great-books.html The Syntopicon, writes Dr. Adler, is " a unified reference library in the realm of thought and opinion," and he compares it to a dictionary or an encyclopedia.

Current eBay Search Results for "Maps, Atlases, Globes" : http://search-desc.ebay.com/Maps-Atlases-Globes_W0QQftsZ2QQsalisZ0QQsatitleZMapsQ2cQ20AtlasesQ2cQ20Globes

Coordinates in Hexagon based Tile Maps : http://www.phobeus.de/hosting/pixelpracht/downloads/hexcoordsTut_e.htm Tile Maps are often used for the graphics in two-dimensional Games. Using Tiles means that all graphics are combinations of smaller graphics, similar to mosaics. The advantage is a smaller need for Memory...It allows movements in 6 directions with equal distances, so it’s used especially by tactical games... Map Gallery : http://www.shawnbrown.com/portfolio.html (comic/games artist discusses the hexagonal grid on this map, reminiscent of old school war game boards http://www.shawnbrown.com/portfolio/iraq.html; download the hex-grid_tool_kit.zip (322k) ).

The renowned organizational psychologist Karl Weick used to tell an anecdote that illustrates the critical importance of maps to a group or organization. :
A group of mountain climbers was in the process of ascending one of the most daunting peaks in the Alps when they were engulfed by a sudden snow squall. All were experienced climbers and each had their own idea of the direction they should go in to get back to the base camp. They wandered around for some time, arguing about which way to go, while their circumstances became more dire and threatening with each moment of indecision. Finally, one of the climbers dug around in their backpack and found a map. Everyone huddled around the map, studied it, and quickly determined their direction. Several hours later, they arrived safely at the camp. While they were warming themselves around the fire, regaling each other with the story of their near misadventure, one of the climbers picked up the map they had used to descend the Alps. On looking at it more carefully, they realized it was actually a map of the Pyrenees!
The map provided the group with an externalized organizing device around which they could reach consensus. It gave them an apparent sense of direction and enabled them to formulate a coherent plan. It led them to take action in a concerted manner. http://www.socialresearchmethods.net/research/OPEN/The%20Evaluator%20as%20Cartographer.pdf The Evaluator as Cartographer

Map Projection Comparisions : http://www.petersmap.com/page2.html (The Peters Map and The Mercator Map)

Map art project : http://www.file-extinguisher.com/map.html uses progressive (non-Flash) click zooming; css? AJAX?

"A library of wisdom is more precious than all wealth, and all things that are desirable cannot be compared to it." - Richard de Bury from http://www.word-gems.com/index.html

"Heaven's not a place that you go when you die. It's that moment in life when you actually feel alive." - ?

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