19 March 2013

(Interactive) Tour Of Everest

(Map) Contemporary Toronto homes

(Definition) 'anamorphosis' : a distorted projection or drawing that appears normal when viewed from a particular point or with a suitable mirror or lens.

(6th International Symposium on) Visual Information Communication and Interaction (VINCI 2013)

The math as invention vs. discovery controversy

PAPer' Art Project;  http://www.gudgi.org/assets/journal250213w.pdf

Comic Strip Documentary Scared Fair Use Won't Protect Them


The rise of the sharing economy

On The Fringes Of The Art World

"... telling a story would have trivialized the art. Peggy Guggenheim swooned. No story, or a story so obscure it might never be fathomed, was the best story of all." - Robert Genn
"Inspiration is like food poisoning. It just kind of sprays at you when you don’t need it." - Matthew 'The Oatmeal' Inman (Keynote Speaker at SxSW)
"Claiming to be an expert is an easy thing. The rules in the field of art expertise are so flimsy and undefined that anything is possible, ..." - Michele Vasarely
"... we never could get the 'do-over' button to work." - TU
"Somewhere along the way one discovers that what one has to [map] is not nearly as important as the [mapping] itself." - R.B.Wild (after Henry Miller)

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