14 March 2013

Innovative Map Projections

(Douglas Edric Stanley) http://www.abstractmachine.net/blog/  at ESA in Aix.

Origami Science Links

(Book) The Fourth Dimension And Non-Euclidean Geometry In Modern Art (Revised Edition)

Turn the world into a real 2D video game

(Open House)  http://www.ecole-art-aix.fr/rubrique1634.html

The Year Picasso Experimented With Style

(Call for Papers for) Art and Atoms

The French Outsiders

Stone-Soup (for the Capitalist’s Soul)

"Anticipation is the main difference between 'have' and 'have not' (and this you have total control over)." - TU
"At different times I am some combination of colleague, collaborator, educator, mentor, facilitator, archivist, witness, and activist. And all of those roles are part of my way of being an artist." - Marguerite Perret
"A work of art is ...'a corner of nature seen through a temperament'." - Emile Zola
"... this is really how you die...one minute you're just cooking up someone's order of french fries and the next minute you're laying on the floor and they blow your brains out. There's no music, there's no significance, it's just random." - Wayne Coyne 
"Wherever our heart is, there we will find our treasure." - @paulocoelho

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