07 February 2013

(Symposium) Why Art-Sci? Analyzing a Paradigm

(Norbert Wiener) Cybernetic Theory

Visual Storytelling: The Key Weapon to Content Marketing


(Definition) 'virtuous circle'  in the art vocation is (1) quality work, (2) proper marketing and distribution, (3) collectorship, acceptance and recognition, (4) artist happiness and productivity, and (5) ... quality work.

Many Hands Make Fractals Tactile

Alberta Biennial

Traditional Mediation Fail

"We need to respect the difference between an enemy and an adversary.  An enemy is someone you want to destroy and an adversary is someone you want to compete with in a fair fight."  - Michael Ignatieff (delivers the centre for American Studies / Canada - U.S. Institute lecture, Us and Them: Opponents and Enemies in Politics, 8 Nov.)
"Jazz is like a banana - it has to be consumed on the spot." - Jean-Paul Sartre (said to Charlie Parker)
"I talk witty shit about you behind your back." - Oscar Wilde
"Not all venture capitalists are created equal. Indeed, some are so awful you may not even want to take their money." - Mark MacLeod, the Startup CFO 
"You don't need to know the why behind everything if you trust God." - "

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