20 February 2013

Exploring Sierpinski’s Triangle

Tips on how to make an animation

(Podcast:) Creativity and Crowdsourcing

(MaryFran's) Google Docs Tutorials

Concave Hex Sculpture

Art & Science is a digital agency that has recently come up with an idea generator called the Ideator

Wonder how many feel that scientists too often use artists as propaganda agents to promote science (?)

Consumer’s guide to 3-D printers

Adobe releases the source code for the original Photoshop

What is Needed in an Artist Press Kit

"Art is the edge between what is known and what is coming." - Anna Curtin
"... there will be exceptions galore, but they will be exceptions." - TU
"'Generic' means an idealized, standardized, or sometimes simplified form. It's what a painter might have thought and felt, rather than what he saw and understood." - Robert Genn
"Love is a burning thing." - Johnny Cash
"I do like Kadinsky’s art. It manages to be both innocent and knowing at the same time. It is just a shame that the works tend to be far too busy to use as a desktop wallpaper." - Stepterix  Via 

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