27 February 2013

Cyclic cellular automaton

Origami Tessellations and Islamic Design

(Proposal) Art, Science, Centre de Rencontre

(Making of) Pixelated de-construction art (9x16 squares - 6 'layers')

Paper Map Sculptures

Get-Off-Antarctica Origami Puzzle

The practice of successful creative collaboration

Iannis Xenakis : composer, architect and visionary

Great ways to display wall art


"Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win." - Jonathan Kozol
"It will."Picasso (his response when told his portrait of Gertrude Stein did not look like her)
"It was hard getting over my addiction to the Hokey Pokey. But I’ve turned myself around and that’s what it’s all about." -?
"Just knowing that good things are now happening for you behind the curtains of time and space, which will soon spill into your life, is enough to make good things start happening for you. (Always know this. Because they are.)" - The Universe
"Water is the driving force in nature.” - Leonardo da Vinci

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