18 May 2012

(Video) Google reinvents search—again—with Knowledge Graph

Map of Life  shows how animals and plants are distributed around the world

Apple (drops Google Maps), debuts in-house ‘Maps’ with incredible 3D mode

How Did Escher Do It?

A graphic look at the War of 1812 

TEDTalks in a handy spreadsheeet

Library hides books around town (for young people to find)

Toronto's best (and worst ) Public Art

"The most valuable tribe is a tribe of unusual suspects who can challenge your world-view, expose you to new ideas, and teach you something new." - Via
"If you were a rock I would never take you for granite" -
"... innovation is rare and not recognized by most people. Most people look for instant paydays or market acceptance to validate ideas." - Steve Harmon
"The more seeds you sow, the more plants we'll grow." - TU
"Math Jokes – If you get them, you probably don’t have friends." - foreveralone  Via

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