22 May 2012

(TEDx Lawrence Lessig) Re-examining the remix

(50,000 printed pages) dealing with exploration and discovery over three centuries. 

Adventures in Reticular Geometry


(App) improvi  lets you drag random words and images onto the screen (where they bounce around and move next to and through each other), helping you to forge free associations that are the key to lateral thinking.

Are You a "Maker"?
(MoMA multimedia project) Jeff Wall, photographer


Ridiculous Laws Around The World

Pershing shakes the foundations of Canada's boardrooms (shareholders expect directors of boards to hold management accountable for performance)

"I'm on the pursuit of happiness And I know everything that shines ain't always gonna be gold..." - Pursuit of Happiness by the indie-rock group Barbara Via
"I'm addicted to self-improvement. The thing is, there's so damn much about myself to improve." - A.J. Jacobs
"Revolution; why is turning around so disruptive?" - R.B.W
"...ideas evolve similarly to genes, in that they reproduce and are selected for performance." - Via
"When you start creating for and in honor of those that have made a difference to you, your work changes." - Seth Godin

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