04 May 2012

Manhattan Portrait Map

(Map) Enlightenment Thinkers 

A Search for a Radical Cartography

(Podcast): Where Conference 2012

Let's Not Put On These Google Glasses

Videos that have gone viral on YouTube since its inception.

Pop-up book

Everyone Loves James Franco, The Man Who Can Do Anything

Creating Video Content For Your Art Practice

Ad Images – Tips for Killer Creative

"If you want to understand life, don’t think about vibrant, throbbing gels and oozes, think about information technology." - Richard Dawkins  Via
"Make stuff to inspire others to make something too." - Right Brain Terrain.
"A finished work of art, as it marches out into the universe, transforms from the pleasure of the artist to the pleasure of others." - Catharine Compston, artist
"Inactive people may not be fit enough to hit the exercise intensity that leads to the neurobiological reward." - David Raichlin, anthropologist, University of Arizona
"Chance favors the connected mind." - Steven Johnson

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