21 September 2011

(Documentary) "The Man Who Saved Geometry"

(WTF?) National Profanity Map

Computer Vision research groups

Great Arts for Great Science

The Dada Anti-Art Movement

Art Basel 2011


"When an old pond gets a new frog, it’s a new pond." - Via
"... we are very sensitive to where we are in horizontal space but only vaguely aware of how high we are." - Professor Kate Jeffery, lead author from UCL Psychology and Language Sciences Via
"Lady if you gotta ask, you ain't got it." - Fats Waller, Musician (when asked to explain rhythm)
"When a person is prepared to receive something, a series of accidents takes place." - Irving Sandler
"(Some feelings and even) some thoughts are too deep for words and have to be seen to be believed." - Clive Barnes

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