14 September 2011

City of Neighbourhoods (has a web/mobileDigital Map RFP)

In a crowdfunding project, the donors are no less valuable than the project creators.

African Fractals

What does it mean to +1 something?

(Art Show) Uncharted Territory: Subjective Mapping by Artists and Cartographers

Gaudí was part of the art nouveau movement – or modernisme, as it's known in Catalunya – he was also a revolutionary structural engineer

The Pony Express

Better question, why did WTC 7 collapse?

"...one study claims that up to 80% of the human brain is wired just to interpret and remember visual data." - Via
"You decide what you want, physically move in its direction and I'll 'send in the clowns'." - TU
"Every age has their artists to forge the way into the next, to pierce through all our convenient truths into uncharted territory." - Via
"I still think science is looking for answers, and art is looking for questions" - Marc Quinn
"You are young yet‥but the time will arrive when you will learn to judge for yourself. ‥Believe nothing you hear, and only one half that you see." - E. A. Poe (in Graham's Mag. Nov. 1945)

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