06 December 2010

Time for Google to Extend Geographic Targeting in Webmaster Central?

(Search engine that returns narrated slide shows) http://www.qwiki.com/q/#Pablo_Picasso

(Slideshow) Industrial Evolution: Steampunk’s Predecessors and Present

Tim Burton exhibition reveals the inspirations behind the filmmaker's artistry


"The mere presence of cleverness does not obligate its use." - Robert Genn
"Style is the hallmark of a temperament stamped upon the material at hand." - André Maurois
"You are among friends. Everyone, always, everywhere." - The Universe
"Any revolutionary project today, whether utopian or realistic, must if it is to avoid banality, make the re-appropriation of the body, in association with the re-appropriation of space into a negotiable part of its agenda." - Henri Lefebvre, 1974 - (Production of Space) Via
"To be a painter you need to know how to paint, and when to stop." - Picasso

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