17 December 2010

Geometric kirigami

Next Big Thing: “Contextual Discovery” (Google Results Without Search)

Pummelvision grabs every photo long buried in your Flickr, Facebook, or Tumblr, and gives you a breathtakingly beautiful, simple video summary of your life.

(Definition) "mudita"- taking joy in the good fortune of another. (Buddhists)


“The less they understand, the more they admire it." - Pablo Picasso (1881-1973)
“Torrents and rivers of current literature pour themselves into libraries, adding, without cease, to what is already there … The scientist’s time and power of attention are precious things which need to be husbanded; to do this we need techniques of controlled selectiveness in supplying his needs.” - Participant at Royal Society’s influential Scientific Information Conference held in 1948
"The best things in life are often best kept secret." - McLean Greaves
"We are not only what we read, we are how we read." - Maryann Wolf, developmental psychologist, Tufts University
"The best things in life are indeed free, but eventually, so is everything else for those who are happy first." - TU

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